Finally! A Way Dry Hair can Love Hair Styling tools again!

Dry Hair

Many of us suffer of having the Sahara Desert on our heads, making some days feel like our hair is a collection of tumbleweed. Yes I am being dramatic, but sometimes that’s how it feels having dry hair that’s unmanageable. My normal go-to solution is to fight fire with fire and use a blow torch dryer, straightening iron, and sometimes a curling wand to tame the frizziness and dryness. Though using these tools may be the temporary solution, it’s what unfortunately can be one of the root causes of dry, frizzy, breakable hair. Your dry hair is a way your tresses are crying out for a little help.

We’ll share some tips you can use everyday to help protect your hair and help combat dryness and frizz and still allow you to use the hair tools you love. Cause I can’t get that gorgeous vava-volume unless I blow dry!


Condition and nourish

As you normally would, follow up by conditioning your hair with a conditioner that’ made to help prevent frizz and dryness as well. It’s even better if the conditioner has rich ingredients that help protect hair from heat. Use Snoe’s Va Va Zoom Quickie Blow Dry Conditioner from the Hair Heroes line. Apply after shampooing hair in the shower and allow it to sit for about 3-5 minutes. Then towel dry.

This nourishing conditioner absolutely perfect for treating dryness because it has Quinoa extract, and quinoa contains essential amino acids which act as natural strengtheners, protect the hair shaft and repair damaged hair. Healing from the inside and protecting it on the outside. This extract also provides hydration and nourishment to the scalp creating an invisible layer of protection from pollution.

Another key ingredient that’s amazing for styling with heat is grapeseed oil, which is widely known for its high smoking point and is considered as a natural heat protectant.  It contains Vitamin E that nourishes, heals and protects hair and scalp.

This conditioner also uniquely has Cuti-Pro™ which is from the white lotus flower giving it multi-tasking ingredients that also gets to the root of dry and brittle hair, protecting and repairing the hair’s keratin while sealing the hair’s cuticle which causes breakage. Cuti-Pro also helps with hair aging and protects your hair and scalp from harmful UV rays.

This conditioner really packs a lot of punch against so many things that harm our hair on a daily basis from heat styling to outdoor pollution and UV rays.

Hair Primer for Hot Styling

Now this next step, is one many of us forget to do, but is highly essential for dry and damaged hair when heat styling. After showering and towel drying hair, apply the heat protecting hair primer from Snoe’s Hair Heroes line, Va Va Zoom Quickie Blow Dry Primer. Give it a good shake and spray it onto your hair from root to tip. Then blow dry hair as usual. As you can tell by its name, this primer also gives you faster blow-drying time!  


This leave-in hair primer also has quinoa extract, grapeseed oil, and Cuti-Pro™ for double protection of your hair by healing damages, sealing cuticles and protecting keratin to reduce breakage while protecting it from heat. To help prevent damaged hair from heat, all hair types can include this in their daily hair routine to help prevent frizz, dryness and breakage that their tools can cause.  After blow drying you can also use other heated hair tools after, like creating big voluminous curls with your curling wand or when you want to create super sleek straight hair with your iron.  For best results use these products together. Like you and your crush, these products were made for each other. With continued use, your hair should feel softer, healthier, and stronger even after heat styling.


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How to protect hair and keep dryness away even when using hot hair tools.
Lot’s of us suffer from dry hair and need to rely on irons and tools. See how you can protect your tresses and still use the tools you love!
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