skintone and makeup use

Blush Colors for Filipina Skin Tones

skintone and makeup use

Filipina’s come in a multitude of different gorgeous skin tones. We can have roots that are more or less oriental, malay, pacific islander, spanish, european, american, and possibly more. It makes the Philippines incredibly unique and special when it comes to modern beauty.

We’ll show you some of the best shades that can go with the different types of Filipina skin tones from Snoe’s High Intensity Powder Blush Line. There’s nothing we love more than makeup that’s so good for your skin. Beauty and Health should go hand in hand.  This special formulized blush uses Amazonian Clay which minimizes oil in and around pores to balance skin and keeps the product in place for a non-slip wear, yet, the clay also helps balance moisture on your skin, so skin won’t feel dry. Since we’re covering all filipina face types, this blush has natural minerals that’s great for keeping all skin types healthy.

To promote radiant skin, this blushes formula has a large dose of antioxidants and Vitamin C that your skin can just soak up since it has natural extracts from the acai berries, pomegranate, and acerola cherries.

Below are the color’s that would look beautiful for your skin tone.

Fair Tone Skin

These blush colors would be best suited for filipinas with lighter skin tones, as well as fair toned oriental and mestiza skin tones. They’re light yet pack enough color to make your cheeks pop and give you that flushed glow!

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For a peachy pop to your apples try this blush in Patience and for a pink flush go for Faith.

Medium Tone Skin


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Blush for medium skin tones can go a little more darker or brighter. Great for filipinas with medium beige toned skin or light morena girls.

For a natural blush look try this coral shade in Courage and for a rosy glow try this shade in Respect.

Dark Tone Skin

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Blush for darker skin tones can be brighter and deeper in pigment. This works fantastically on very tanned girls or dark morena skin.

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The modern filipina comes in different looks and skin tones, see which blush suits your tone best!
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