Facial Wash

Are you guilty of this bad beauty habit?

Are You Guilty of This Bad Beauty Habit?

Don’t Overuse Beauty Products!

Beauty addicts unite! If you are addicted to skincare products like us, you have to admit that sometimes we go overboard with our skin care regimen. As much as we want you to keep using more, skincare is all about “less is more” for products to work.
Facial Wash

Over washing

We associate washing with clean skin but over washing can also lead to dryness which tells your skin underneath to produce more oil! Instead: wash twice a day

Over exfoliation

Scrubbing your skin can get rid of dead skin cells and increase blood circulation which can give you that beautiful, fresh, rosy appearance. But when your skin is over-scrubbed, the skin’s oil production actually speeds up because it’s the skin’s natural repair mechanism to put it into overdrive to compensate for the loss in moisture. Instead: scrub your skin 2x a week at most!
Piling on one product after another After washing your face, we like to pile on the serum, cream, sunscreen and all the possible skincare products to get all the benefits. Actually, this isn’t true. We in fact water them down by doing so. All topical products are effective up to 0.3% absorption into skin so the more you add into your regimen, the less effective each of them is.
Instead: use one or two high quality products specific to your concern and skin type
Layering skin care products without one product fully absorbing
When we can’t helAre you guilty of this bad beauty habit? — Don’t overuse beauty products!
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Too much use of Beauty Products can damage your skin!
Are you addicted to beauty products? Too much is never good for you and can damage your delicate skin.
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